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Voyez Vous… After reviewing previous posts of mine, I noticed that I had never explained how I review a restaurant… I will be short: I base myself on its menu, on the service we are supposed to have in connection with that specific menu, on a setup designed for this menu, with food presentation, execution and complexity of flavors living up to this very menu. This is why sometimes, deluxe establishment have per example harsh strict reviews (the higher your standards are, the less room for error there is….) while a small restaurant might have a great one when they go beyond what is supposed to be expected from them…

And that is exactly what happened at Breakfast to Breakfast Zalka…

Chicho (The Lebanese Memes Guy) and I decided to pay them a visit after we had heard some negative input about them from some friends who ordered deliveries… So we were worried of having to write yet again another “tough” review… eh Non…

See… Breakfast to Breakfast is supposed to be a self-service restaurant, so you wouldn’t expect them to have a valet parking, assisting in finding the right spot… So it’s with rather a positive note that we entered the establishment: very neat, well lit, very clean…

The manager (a bit stiff) welcomed us and showed us a table… right on the side near a large window, it was a beautiful day and the sun was coming through it…

We went right to the new menu, and ordered the pizza four cuts, the Asian Steak and the Chicken Pesto

Publish 4

The wait was not long, meanwhile the staff was very friendly in answering our questions about their apparent rebranding… but enough of that… the Four Cuts Pizza is here… an it has the perfect dough thickness… it is enormous and easily enough for two persons… but wait… that’s not what makes it amazing… non non mes ami(e)s… what makes it amazing are the multi cuts of Soujouk Sausages and ham and Salami and Pepperoni slices “posés delicatement” on a gorgeous layer of melted cheese that is soaking the crunchy dough making it so easy and tender in the mouth… it’s an item that can be devoured for breakfast at dawn, as an appetizer at noon or as a snack at dusk… it’s a must eat… must try… must dream about pizza… Absolutely delicious in its simplicity…

Publish 2

The Chicken Pesto that I tasted from my friend Chicho was great as well, perfect seasoning, the chicken was tender, well cooked, not dry, it had claimed the flavor of the pesto sauce where it was bathing… the veggies around it were “Al Dente” if I can borrow the term, perfectly cooked… It’s the closest item they have to be of low calories (putting aside the pesto sauce of course…)

Publish 1

When I saw my Asian Steak I got a bit worried… the beef slices were really thin, (with enough slices in the dish to be generous though) Je disais donc, the slices were really thin, and I was concerned the meat was dry… it was actually the opposite to my “surprise” (in French in the text). The vegetables were equally well cooked as in the pesto chicken, however less seasoned, I had to add some salt to it… and here I must say I might have rushed myself a bit… because when I tasted the meat, it was a little over salty, and the mix of both would have made a good “milieu”… The chef here used the soya sauce to season the meat slices and it was a very good call, it might probably be the factor that kept it so tender as well… All in all a great dish that I will gladly order again in the future…

We were stuffed, and that’s because the portions are so generous, you are sure to get back your money with value and satisfaction…

Publish 5

We were stuffed it is true, however we were not about to leave without tasting the chocolate roll… And what a mistake it would have been… tender… golden… heart melting, mouthwatering, sin causing aroma… we shared one and it didn’t last enough to finish typing this sentence… it’s a roll of cloud filled with chocolate of the gods… If you go there… no matter how stuffed you are… don’t miss it… trust me… just don’t

To some of my friends and to all our readers I say… you want to experience the true goodness of breakfast to breakfast? Do as we do… get out and pay them a visit… don’t have time ? well they do… they are… after all… open 24/24…


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