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It was the day of the first rain in this freshly starting winter season, it was really pouring, yet we chose to sit outside, under the balcony… the air was fresh and nice, and the sound of the rain was soothing to the soul… the food as well… in another way… that specific kind of food… the one that make u drool as hard as the rain a few meters away…

To be honest, the place does not look like much, and its location, despite being easy of access, lies still in the shadow of the crowded neighborhood of Horsh Tabet. Its owner is a young man who recently enough came back from the states to apply the experience he got there in a burger joint he owns…

It’s clearly a work in progress and still in its early stages, nevertheless don’t let that stop you from trying his diverse menu, his innovations and his baldness sometimes when it comes to certain items and the way he present them.

The Texan, Mexican touch with a Lebanese style is what legitimize his wearing of the name “Mr. International” Just have a look at his Mexican style Shawarma and you will be convinced.


The humble setup of the joint honestly make you question the quality of what is to come your way, the tables… the plastic chairs… but that’s exactly like judging Stephen Hawking by the way he looks: I mean the guy is a genius and looks like a retard (no offence Stephen)… Mr. International will have the same effect on you when you start receiving your order… And when you start tasting? You will fully understand why wormholes takes you to another dimension as explained by above mentioned Stephen…


It’s actually easy, whatever you order will blow in your face in a firework of colors and food aroma, and when you taste, you get lost in deciphering the many rich ingredients composing your dish. The “El Fuego Burger per example”… the pink color of the pickled onions topped with a beautiful green of a specially modified guacamole sauce will be imprinted in your memory for ever, alongside with the memory of the way it tastes… Only by trying it that you will fully understand…


The Nacho Burger is unique in every aspect and is a must try… the “Pulled Pork Sub” however, ladies and gentlemen, is a work of art, a masterpiece in submarine making and should be the trademark item of the joint, (to my humble opinion of course).



Did I mention he has plastic chairs? Ah yeah… u don’t care anymore about them at this point and already are planning on coming back with friends to share the experience…

I understood after two visits to that joint (yeah I know I can be thick headed) that Mr. International is not just a logo, a gimmick or a name, it was really the owner himself: he waits on the table, always courteous and caring, always making sure everybody’s enjoying his meal and very open to suggestions and advices.

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Just one thing I have to tell you, though Mr. International, (I’m sure you’re aware of it already): Don’t let your early success stop you, your burger joint has unlimited potential and there are many opportunities for improvement and development… You are a real local guy with International Talent… Good luck!

Gaston Le Consultant

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