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Einstein said: “Curiosity is a delicate little plant which, aside from stimulation, stands mainly in need of freedom”… so here I am, free in Saida, Lebanon, looking for a Diner called Pepo’s… Pepo’s? Well yeah, what does it mean? Beats me… but look… let’s be curious and find out shall we? after all we just quoted Einstein on curiosity… hold on, just to open my browser and type pepos in google… here it is… there… wait… what ? Coincidence..? Another reference to a plant? What do you mean you don’t believe me? I’ll copy and paste it for you right there… here goes:


The fruit of various related plants, such as the cantaloupe, watermelon, cucumber, squash, 

Pumpkin, and melon, having a hardor leathery rind, fleshy pulp, and numerous flattened seeds.”

So imagine my surprise, when I find out that Pepo’s, serves…: Burgers…Fries…Sandwiches… etc…

A very good surprise nevertheless… The place is new, and still work in progress, it has a very modest internal space and a very nice terrace outside… However, concerning the food, it’s a pretty accomplished job, in diversity and oh my lord in the richness if it’s flavors.


Before getting to the flavors though, we were greeted by none else than the owner himself (who had no idea who we were and why we were there) he practically waited on us, taking our order and walking us through his rich menu… Turns out that the Diner is run by the owners themselves: a couple…

My friend and I settled for 2 burgers who I am ashamed to say I didn’t memories their names and a plate of special fries with crispy bacon and cheddar… and a special sauce…

I had actually memorized the names but forgot everything the second my teeth sank in that burger…


The experience started with my eyes being slapped in the eyeball with a vision coming straight out of a book of the French author: “Rabelais”, a plate that is “Titanesque” “Gargantuesque” & “Pantagruélique”… a dominant burger standing high with its beef patty, caramelized onions, two type of sautéed mushrooms, crispy beef bacon (halal the owner insisted) and a river of melted cheese, that only the chef know its combination.

Then my teeth sank in it, after I had rolled up my sleeves… and that’s when amnesia struck…

I only recall taking a furtive look at my friend, only to see him devouring this other monster of a burger…


But wait… the fries… I mean its fries right? I mean how can it be different? But oh my god how different they are… crispy to perfection, swimming in a combination of melted cheese and a layer of crunchy bacon… I still dream of it at night… and during my day dreaming… and while talking to my wife… and while teaching my kids… and… oh sorry I got carried away here…


I just want to say one thing, Saida is lucky to have you Pepo’s, I wouldn’t mind making the road from Beirut few times a month to have that experience again… consider opening in the capital, because with your quality, diversity and flavors? You are in the major leagues ya albeh…

I wanted to talk a little bit about the sauce they serve with pretty much everything, but I truly can’t say much except it’s delicious, exotic, creative and mysterious, despite my years of experience… I couldn’t make out its ingredients… however it’s part of the Pepos charm and I consider that sauce their trademark.

Kudos to the chef and the Pepos family for a neatly clean kitchen and for respecting the most important rules of food production, safety and hygiene.

Gaston Le Jalghoum

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