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Let me talk to you first about trains… Putting aside the fact that they are one of the cheapest safest way of medium to long range travel existing today, they have a major fact going on for them: They can never lose their way, and it’s all because of the tracks… the Railway… Well, I know right? It’s obvious you’re gonna say… not in Lebanon it’s not…

On the sides of an old, long abandoned rail track, in the even older (yet glorious) city of Byblos we found a gem in the hiding, a real must stop at hidden train station : The Railway Restaurant & Café.

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An old beautiful stone restaurant, with a beautiful small green garden, a romantic interior, warm welcoming owners… So welcoming in fact that they don’t even let you realize how small the place is… It’s simply gorgeous.

Arak everybody? yeah why not… It is a Lebanese restaurant after all, Arak is a must… andit turned out to be arak baladeh, very light, very smooth and accompanied the food in a perfect way.

The meza started flowing on the tables, traditionally presented plates, no false pretenses, all dishes are immediately recognizable… the difference was in the taste…

2015-09-12 15.18.392015-09-12 15.21.59

The contrast between the humbleness of the presentation and the superiority of the taste was really refreshing.

The ingredients used in all the preparations are without a shadow of a doubt fresh, the taste is simply as it should be, with no fancy tweaks or cooking stunts, true Lebanese meza with unforgettable taste and generosity.

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Then came the “grillades” et la… oh my goodness, the meat is oh so incredibly tender and juicy, cooked perfectly from what I can say is a wonderful piece of tenderloin, each bite tells a story of its own: a story of professionalism, a story of food connoisseur, a story of true Lebanese gastronomy… Only the Kafta was a little bit overcooked and dry on the borders without affecting much it’s great taste.

The taouk was a whole other chapter of food success, grilled to perfection yet miles and miles of railways of being dry… just perfect…

2015-09-12 16.21.34

Railway Restaurant turned out to be a true gem lost in the tiny roads of Old Byblos… I recommend a little more sophistication in the presentation, but please do keep the good work and the good food.

To my readers I say this: Take the time or find the time to find the place, because once found, you’ll find that it was the best find ever and you will find yourself wanting more…

Gaston Le Chef de Gare

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