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Once upon a time… we were starving and low on money…

We were driving for some time now then a miracle appeared on the highway’s billboard… an add… sent from heaven above…

Burger King: 2 Big Kings one meat and one chicken, plus coke and fries for 10.000LL

Now that’s affordable…

We decided to stop at the first branch we find on our way… but you know Murphy’s Law? It’s always in the last drawer that you find what you’re looking for? Well kinda the same… It’s when you crave a burger that you don’t encounter a McDonald’s anymore…

But oh wait..! Here’s one… The Badaro Branch… needless to say that we stopped immediately and almost ran dizzily (from hunger) towards the counter and announced proudly with the 10.000LL ready in our hands (fard cha2feh)


– We want the offer that you have please: 2 Big Macs, one beef and one chicken with fries and coke.

The cashier looks at us with empty wide eyes:

– Sorry, I’m not aware of any offers…

– Shou asdak ? It’s all over the highway! We just saw it 5 min ago! (30 min ago really)

– Ok hold on, let me call my manager.

Then came a nice guy with a smile looking at us if we were some retards, wearing proudly his name tag on the managerial uniform, dripping of power … we were almost insulted… until he began to speak:

– Chabeb, ana Mohammad, welcome to McDonald’s, I understand you are asking for an offer, which truly we don’t have, the offer is from Burger King, and it’s 2 Big King, not Big Macs…

….Awkward silence….

– … is it really…? I said as it started to sink in…

We started to look around as if to make sure we were really in McDonalds…

Then the supervisor cut short our embarrassment and our hunger as he continued:

– …But don’t worry, since you are here… I will give you the same offer for this time and for the same price: 2 Big Macs (chicken and beef) with fries and coke.

I really don’t know how to end my story, I mean… habalna… the guy was excellent… he handled us so professionally without even blinking an eye… Classy gesture… I will never go into a Burger King anymore without recalling the McDonald’s guy…

The small things that makes the whole difference.

Gaston le Disoriented
Beirutfood Le Hungry

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