KFC – It’s All About Expectations…

KFC – It’s All about expectations…


It’s pretty much straightforward here ladies and gents, when you decide… on a day where hunger strikes like a B… Beast… to go to KFC… you know what you want, and you should know what to expect.

Whats not to like here? Chicken? Stop reading, you’re in the wrong post. Crunchy… Crispy… Juicy… the list is long and the meaning’s one and the same: The menu is a torture to the hungry, and a fried chicken lover’s paradise…


The sandwiches are innovative and generous, that zinger though, I would have made it extra spicy, or at least would have given the option of different levels of spiciness.

The French fries have a taste of their own and those twisters will make you head swirl.20893463996

KFC rose up in quality and taste, I never thought I would actually say that, because of the “ekhid bared ya mama” incidents I had so many times before with them (to understand the reference please read previous posts “ekhid bared ya mama” thank you).


Pleasantly surprised and yes, I got what I should expect: Fat… but oh so tasty fried chicken.

If you’re on Diet, stay out, you’d be just stepping into the gates of Hell…

Gaston Cocoriccooooooo


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